300 MM Carbon Fiber Tube Arms for Rostock MAX
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300mm size for the Rostock MAX 3D Printer by SeeMeCNC, for MAX v1 or v2
*** Longer than stock to increase print area to full 11" diameter and help calibration accuracy when outside tower triangle ***

Hardware included to work with some of the v2 platforms and original v1 platform.

If your v2 machine has ball-cup arms and molded plastic carriages you will need "Axle Adapter Brackets"... your kit may or may not include these pieces, even if it does, there may only be (3) adapters, you will need a total of (6) to mount the CF arms.
They are available here: Axle Adapters

Note: OEM arm legths; v1 & v2 with "u-joint" ends are 269mm, Ball-Cup arms are 291mm.

These arms bolt in place of your stock plastic arms. 300 mm centers vs. OEM 269 mm, this increases build area and accuracy when at extents of travel. They are constructed with carbon fiber tube, threaded aluminum inserts and metal ball rod ends. They are super light, strong and stiff. The joint move smooth and easy with virtually no play. Increase the precision and consistancy of your prints. These are built on a fixture to insure they are all precisely 300 mm center to center. Includes all mounting hardware you will need to bolt them in place to your stock platform and carriage.

Reduces print height 31 MM ( 1-1/4" ) ...when compared to 269mm length.

Includes our "ZERO LASH STRAPS" for even more awesome print quality!! The rod ends are very precise and have very little play, this upgrade completely elimintaes any play in the rod ends. We feel they are a good as the magnet-ball joints.

 Install documentation, download .pdf file here

  • Item #: RM-ARM-CFTX300

300 MM Carbon Fiber Tube Arms for Rostock MAX

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