Aluminum platform for ball-joints
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Aluminum platform for the SeeMeCNC ball-joint "barbells" sized to match Rostock MAX v2 plastic ball-joint platform. Drop-in replacement for the plastic platform. Has 30.22 mm axel offset which matches stock platform.

Inside hole has been opened up to allow the cooling fan on the promethues hot end to fit inside, this allows positioning of hot end at any height. 

Includes all the same mounting points as oem plastic platform; for the "V3" HE280 hot end mount with accelerometer PCB board, and horizontal 25mm fans.

Note: still includes legacy 3 point stand-off mounting holes so it will also work with groove mount style hot ends.

Does not include bar-bells. Does include mounting screws.

  • Item #: PLAT-ALU-BJ

Aluminum platform for ball-joints

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