Hot End Groove Mount for Rostock MAX
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Aluminum mounting plate to hold a groove mount style hot end on the stock Rostock MAX platform. With intergrated mounting tabs for a 30mm fan (or use tabs for wire management)

Works with the Prometheus, E3D v6, and J-Head hot ends. Works with most any hot-end that has a standard groove style mount.

You will need longer stand-offs than stock, 36mm long is ideal. You need longer screws also. (Stock stand-offs are 1" (25.4MM))
Another option is to mount plate onto platform without any stand-offs, this puts head below platform so prints are easier to see and head runs cooler. This is Brian's prefered method even though you loose some Z build height.

Small compact and lightweight water-jet cut aluminum. Mounts on OEM platform with your stock standoffs and screws and PTC. Works with short or long versions of J-Head.

Works with version 1, 2 and 3 of the Rostock MAX. Also works with the Orion.

Does not include fan, hot end, or PTC fitting.

  • Item #: RM-JHGMNT

Hot End Groove Mount for Rostock MAX

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