MAX METAL Heat Bed and End Stop Aluminum Brackets
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Machined aluminum brackets for mounting Onyx heat bed to the MAX METAL Frame. Can also be used to mount end stop switches.
Machined V grooves precisely and securely locate brackets when lock screws are tightend.
Uses your stock "snowflake" melamine heat bed insulator. 

Bracket kit includes:
  • (3) Aluminum brackets, 1/4" x 1" x 3-7/16"
  • (6) M4 X 8 button head cap screws, bracket locks.
  • (3) 4-40 X 1-1/4" flat head phillips screws, bed mounting.
  • (3) Nylon spacers 1/2" tall X 1/2" diameter X .140" hole, bed spacers.
  • (3) 4-40 X 3/8" long flat head phillips screws, bed mount.
  • (6) 2-56 X 5/8" long phillips pan head screws, end stop switch mounting.
  • (6) Nylon spacers 1/4" tall X 1/4" diameter X .112" hole, end stop spacers.
Note: Bracket set can be used to mount Onyx OR End Stop Switches, you need TWO SETS to mount both.

MAX METAL Brackets for Heat Bed

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