Coming to MRRF March 20-22, 2015
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Finally! An all metal hot end that this stubborn Dutchman is satisfied with.
Trick Laser is proud to offer the Prometheus v2 All Metal Hot End made in Canada by DisTech Automation. We are now a USA Distributor.

Check out these great features:

  • ONE PIECE stainless steel nozzle & heatbreak with POLISHED bore provides jam free printing of any filament.
    • No seperate nozzle + heat break seam that can cause filament jams.
  • ALL METAL Design for high temperature printing up to 300 C
  • Finned aluminum heat sink with intergrated cooling fan.
    • Eliminates seperate fan shroud that can rattle.
  • Heater cartridge, 40 watt 12 volt. Retained with set screw in aluminum heater block.
    • NO RTV or kapton tape.
  • Thermistor retained securely with screw and washer.
    • NO RTV trying to "glue" thermistor in!
  • Thermistor leads covered with high temperature sleeving.
  • .4 nozzle provides best balance of flow and detail.
  • "J-head" slot groove mounting for compatiblity with most existing mounts.
    • Two groove heights for mounting height flexibility.
  • Bowden tube collet for 1.75 mm filament intergrated into body of heat sink.
    • NO seperate PTC fitting that is prone to failure
    • Bowden tube passes through PTC fitting and goes all the way to cold side of heat break.
    • Provides smooth un-broken filament path.
  • Can also be direct mounted without bowden tube.
  • Adjustable melt, transition and cold zones for fine tunning to your special requirement.
  • Oh, don't forget... NO RTV  ;)

Hot end is not assembled but is easy to assemble, no soldering required.
The KIT includes 25 mm fan with mounting screws, thermistor with plug, crimp ferrules, 40 watt 12volt heater cartridge with wires already attached, heat shrink, hex key, set screws, screws & washers, zip ties, nuts, .4 nozzle/heat break, aluminum heater block, finned aluminum cooling body. Does NOT include bowden tubing or PTC fitting for extruder end.

We have been using this awesome hot end for almost a year with flawless results, now it is ready to share for your printing enjoyment.


Happy Happy Printing!

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Prometheus Metal Hot End

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